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"CELPIP" stands for "Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

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CELPIP Overview

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is an English language proficiency test designed to assess the listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills of test takers. Additionally, it measures the English language abilities of individuals in these four key areas. Moreover, CELPIP is a recognized computer-delivery that offers a unique testing experience and is conducted in just one sitting. Furthermore, the test is officially accepted by several governments, colleges, universities, professional organizations, and employers. In addition, the test is often seen as an alternative to IELTS to measure English language proficiency. Lastly, CELPIP is taken by individuals to provide proof of English language proficiency for the purpose of migrating to Canada or for Canadian citizenship.

Why Elite for CELPIP ?

  • Elite Overseas has taught thousands of students over the span of 9 years and helped them achieve their language goals.
  • At Elite Overseas, we have certified CELPIP trainers who have years of experience in teaching and helping students with their language goals.
  • Elite Overseas has received the best student feedback for its best-in-class coaching. 
  • At Elite Overseas, we have a library of study materials from which a student can practice and hone their English communication skills.
  • Elite Overseas ensures that all the students get to practice all the modules and gain proficiency in appearing for the computerized test with ease. 
  • Weekly grammar workshops are conducted to help students improve their language proficiency and enhance their grasp of English grammar. 
  • Weekly mock tests are organized to monitor students’ performance.


The reading section of the test can take around 47-55 minutes to complete. The test is taken in 7 parts and has around 46 questions in total. The questions may range from listening to daily conversations, news items, discussions, viewpoints, information, and more to identifying the correct answer from them.


The listening part of the test can take around 55-60 minutes to complete. The test has around 48 questions in total wherein a candidate has to read and identify the correct answers for the given questions. 


The listening part of the test can take around 55-60 minutes to complete. The Reading section in the CELPIP exam pattern consists of 4 parts of a total of 38 questions, along with 1 practice task at the start of the section. Candidates need to read the passages and answer the questions.


The speaking section of the test can take around 15-20 minutes to complete.