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Let's walk you through the journey of Elite Overseas Education Consultant. 


Corporate History of Elite

Elite Overseas was initially founded by Mr. Parth Vyas on 9th June 2014 where he single-handedly laid the foundation and gave a spark to the flame which is today known as Elite Overseas. The company was founded to assist students in fulfilling their future endeavors of accomplishing their dreams and goals in securing education in abroad countries. Initially, he started from a small space of 200 sq ft and moved on to setting up multiple branches in various parts of India with two abroad branches by 2023. 

To work closely with student at every stage from career counselling, coaching, entrance preparations to visa application, pre-departure and post landing services to their dream university and/or country, thereby making their process hassle free and smooth.

Our Mission

Each family whose children are placed in universities of different countries should one day proudly say that "Elite Overseas have paved the right way to my child's future".

Our Vision


Elite is an astounding overseas education firm that specializes in the field of abroad education and facilitates students in achieving their global education dream. Mr. Parth Vyas, the Founder, has had a real-life experience of having lived, worked & studied abroad & has also undergone specialized training at various universities abroad which adds more to the organization’s ability towards achieving international goals. 

Renowned for its efficient and timely services, Elite Overseas Education Consultant has effectively guided students toward their educational aspirations since 2014. Since its inception, the Elite Family has steered its mission and essence towards aiding students in finding the right path to construct and shape their careers. Our commitment lies in ensuring that global overseas education is accessible to every aspiring student, encouraging them to forge a promising future.

Over the past decade, Elite Overseas Education Consultant has experienced substantial growth in areas such as language coaching, student enrollment, success rates, venture expansion, and global partner engagement. This journey has been extraordinary, witnessing our students excel in premier institutions worldwide and subsequently contributing to industry advancements.

We bring to the forefront our extensive global knowledge, coupled with an understanding of the academic requirements of local communities, shaping our present identity. Moreover, we ensure the seamless completion of the entire study abroad process with triumph, incorporating value-added services to provide comprehensive student experiences.

In reflection of this remarkable expedition, we express gratitude to our clients, partners, and the students who entrust us with their educational pursuits.


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