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PTE Coaching

PTE Coaching is one of the most accepted English proficiency tests.

PTE Coaching

PTE Coaching Overview

The PTE Academic test is recognized and accepted by numerous institutions and countries around the world. In fact, it has become a popular choice for students looking to demonstrate their English language proficiency. Furthermore, its acceptance for visa and admission purposes in countries like Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK makes it a valuable credential for international students. Additionally, it is recognized by educational institutions and employers around the world, which further enhances its value. This widespread recognition and acceptance make PTE Academic a convenient and reliable option for students seeking to study abroad.

In order to appear for the PTE exam, students must visit their official website. Then, after selecting the desired location, date, and time, they are required to pay the test fees during the time of booking to secure their seat on that specified date. Furthermore, students have to pay 15,900 INR to appear for the PTE academic test.

Why Elite for PTE?

  • As a result, this is a computer-based test, and we make sure to provide our students with hours of practice on the computer.
  • Firstly, faculties take up each module in a week. Secondly, they guide students with each and every question type which is involved herein.
  • First of all, Elite uses a system that provides students with scores as they progress with their test; therefore, this helps students and faculty identify which question type they need to work on the most. Additionally, this feature allows for targeted and personalized study plans, making the preparation process more efficient.
  • Regular tests are taken as the students progress in order to gain an understanding of a module.
  • Additionally, upgraded practice material is provided for students so that they can practice at home.
  • Additionally, students can access the computer lab for self-practice during office hours.


Additionally, this section is also intended to assess the candidate’s reading and writing skills. Furthermore, it is important to note that the listening test takes 30 – 43 minutes to complete. In addition, there are eight question types in the Listening section. Moreover, the candidate is required to listen to pre-recorded audio and answer according to the question given. 


Firstly, this section of the language test assesses a candidate’s ability to read and comprehend written text and answer accordingly. Additionally, it takes 29 – 30 minutes to test your reading skills as it contains five different question types. Furthermore, the score ranges from 10-90 points.


First, the speaking section is designed to evaluate a test-takers fluency in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Additionally, it assesses the overall integration and clarity of speech. Furthermore, it takes 54 – 67 minutes to test your speaking and writing skills. This section contains seven different question types. Finally, the score ranges from 10-90 points.                                                                       


Firstly, the section is designed to evaluate a test-taker’s fluency in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and overall integration and clarity of speech. Additionally, it takes 54 – 67 minutes to test your speaking and writing skills. Furthermore, it contains seven different question types and the score ranges from 10-90 points.