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Our Vision and Mission

Mr. Parth Vyas: The mission of this company remains “Assistance for a promised tomorrow.”

Elite Overseas

Each family whose children are placed in universities of different countries should one day proudly say that "Elite Overseas have paved the right way to my child's future".

To work closely with student at every stage from career counselling, coaching, entrance preparations to visa application, pre departure and post landing services to their dream university and/or country, thereby making their process hassle free and smooth.

The prime motive of Elite Overseas Education Consultancy is to provide a healthy environment for students to learn, grow, and make better use of their potential every day. The success of students and their capability to achieve their goals and aspirations remains the sole objective of this organization. Elite Overseas firmly believes, and makes students aware of the fact that there is never enough to learn and that learning never exhausts the mind. Through our consultant sector, Elite aims to create opportunities for students and promotes the importance of foreign exposure to students who are often caught unaware of the merits of studying abroad.